What is PBP VMI (vendor-managed inventory)

  • Lowers your risk on buying either too little or too much so you have a buffer, we will hold enough inventory that is up to 90 days based on a forecast.  We are your buffer.
  • Lower your liability from your bottom line.  Excess inventory = liability.  You only buy what you will be using so you are not sitting on excess inventory.
  • We manage your inventory instead of you, we will hold your product at a 3rd party warehouse that is within 100 miles radius for ease of access.


  • Sharing your inventory management burden (you only buy what you sell).
  • Buy in smaller qty so you don’t have to worry about buying too much.
  • We carry the burden of inventory management so you don’t have to spend time worry about if your product is going out of stock, we are responsible.
  • Fewer stock outs due to not ordering enough or demand spikes.  We have 3 months worth of inventory nearby.
  • You don’t have to make extra purchases to pad your inventory.
  • Stabilizes the supply chain (so you can focus on selling)