We specialize in packaging for all types of consumer and industrial products, covering a wide range of materials and using the latest technology in manufacturing and finishing.



• PET/PETE, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PS, and PCR Materials

• Bottles and Jars

• Tubes (Plastic and Aluminum Barrier Laminated)

• Pumps & Sprayers

• Blisters, Labels, and Shrink Sleeves


• Paperboard, Chipboard & Corrugated

• Boxes, Tubes, Bags, Labels, & Blister Packs

• Printing, Stamping. Lamination, and Varnishes


• Aerosol & Bag On Valve Cans & Filling/Turnkey Solutions

• Aluminum, Tin, and Steel

• F-Style, Oblong, Cone, and Pour Top Cans

• Tubes

• Cans, Canisters, and Boxes

cosmetics packaging

• Airless Pumps & Bottles

• Acrylic Bottles & Jars

• Glass Bottles & Jars